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Square Foot Gardening: Update 5

Well things are kind of taking off here! We harvested all of our radishes, which wasn’t very many. We may replant for more.

Our beets are sparse and slow, maybe it’s just been too hot for them. Our carrots, however, are doing well. We’re just waiting to see them popping out of the dirt before we pick them!

You can probably see the rogue tomato plants popping up from where tomatoes dropped last year.

Beans and cucumbers are really starting to take off as well! Some of our corn though, got nice and battered during some recent thunderstorms that brought hail with it.

Our tomato plants from seeds didn’t do so well, so we plucked a few of the rogue plants and put them in a planter with our pepper plants.

I’m most excited about our snap peas! Those are doing really well. We have a few that are dying and need to be cut out so the healthy plants can thrive, but oh how lovely it is to go and eat a snap pea fresh off the vine!

How is your garden faring so far this year?

Happy growing!



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Square Foot Gardening: Update 4

We have radishes!!! I’m so excited about that! It’s our first harvest of everything we’ve planted so far!

We’ve gotten them all washed up and prepped, sitting in the fridge for easy consumption, and they are delicious!

Have you harvested any goodies from your gardens yet?

Thanks for stopping in!



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Square Foot Gardening: Update 3

Things are growing here!

The snap peas are doing remarkably well, as are the radishes and carrots. The beets are slowly coming along while our corn, cucumber, and beans are looking good!

We do have an oddball plant in our bean box, but we have decided to let it grow and see what it ends up being.

We have yet to get our tomatoes and peppers going so hopefully it isn’t too late for that yet!

How is your garden doing this year? Thanks for stopping in!



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Square Foot Gardening: Update 2

We have peas! Last year they kind of got choked out, so it’s incredibly exciting to me to see our snap peas coming up!

We also have radishes! Our carrots are also starting to pop up, while our beets are probably still considering it.

We also built several more boxes for corn, green beans, and cucumbers!

We still have to build our tomato and mini bell pepper beds, and I am so excited about it! We really are looking forward to growing our own food!

Happy Growing friends!



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Drum roll please!

My ebook of poetry is now available as a paperback option!

Raw & Unfiltered: My Collection of Personal Poetry

It was a tough decision for me to make my poetry available as a paperback option. Sales of the ebook are dismal at best.

Poetry is subjective and not for everyone and I get that. Also, I’m not trying to be the next Edgar Allen Poe or Shel Silverstein. For me it’s just overcoming a personal fear of judgement that has prompted the public release of my written words.

Thanks for supporting me!



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Square Foot Gardening Update 1.

Soil! We were finally able to get last year’s raised bed turned and planted, and one new bed built for this year!

We built a 1 x 8 foot long bed for our snap peas this year. In that bed, we used 3 1/2 bags of the Flower & Vegetable Garden Soil, 2 bags of the Cow Manure & Compost, and 1 bag of Peat Moss. We mixed it all together with a garden hoe. We also lined the bottom with cardboard first.

The next step for this bed will be adding climbing trellises for the two rows we planted.

Last year’s bed was filled with two types of carrot, beets, and radishes.

We will likely build, fill, and plant another bed next weekend! Our plan is to place all of our boxes 2 feet apart, putting mulch down in between. This will eliminate the need to mow between them, and give us a nice walking path.

Until next time!



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Square Foot Gardening: The Planning

Ah, the planning! Last year we just had one small box for our garden. This year, we’re going bigger! We ordered all of our seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

I think we will end up with at least 6 beds this year, so that everything we want to grow has plenty of space with nothing to overshadow.

I hope you guys stick around and watch for my updates!