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You’re Invited!

Hello my blogging friends! I would like to invite you to an online party I’m having!

I’m having a party for a product called Color Street. They are 100% real nail polish strips. No dry time, no special lights to cure them or heat to set them. Basically you just peel and stick! I get about a week’s use out of mine, but I use my hands daily at work.

I know this is probably a pretty unconventional way to get people interested in a product, maybe even tacky.  I don’t care. I just want to introduce every one to these!

Seriously, stop in, check it out! If you have to send me a friend request on Facebook in order to see the event, just shoot me a quick message and let me know you’re from wordpress/the blogging world!


Color Street Nail Party

Thanks Everyone!



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The Hardest Goodbye

This is the hardest goodbye to date. Our dog Bandit. We said goodbye to him this morning. My daughter was there with me, my son opted to go to school on time and my husband had to work.

We were blessed with 16 amazing years with our furbaby. And if I’m being completely honest, I have been avoiding this day for months. I didn’t like watching his health and mobility decline but I also hoped he’d pass on during his sleep, or live forever.

Both options become clearly unreasonable, I made the call and got him in this morning. He’d been hurting for a while, but when I came home from work and found him asleep in the basement, I knew it was time.

See, he would never go to the basement voluntarily because the stairs going down are too slippery. We live in a bi-level so our stairs are open. He had obviously fallen down the first set of stairs to the landing, and then fell down the second set trying to get up. That’s no way for him to live. In pain and unsteady on his feet.

So today he crossed over the rainbow bridge with my daughter and me by his side, just hoping he knew how much we have loved him and continue to love him.



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Family and Social Media

To be honest, I’ve wrestled with writing this post. Where do you draw the line with family on social media?

I have unfollowed a sibling on Facebook because of vulgar, raunchy, sexual posts. I recently unfriended another family member on Facebook and removed said person from my Sanpchat list. They have become incredibly foul mouthed and belligerently opinionated.

I try to distance myself from negativity. I try to keep my own profanity to a minimum. When you can’t speak or post without swearing, when it is clearly not warranted, it bugs me.

I love this person but they have changed so much in the last couple of years that I feel I just don’t know them anymore. It feels as though communication stopped when I no longer had anything to offer other than love. And that’s okay.

I guess the beauty of social media is that you can control what you see and what you don’t see. I try to surround myself with positive people, not exclusively obviously. I appreciate the humor that some people bring to my news feed.

I realize I may sound a bit hypocritical. Blocking family while laughing at things strangers post. Who does that? Probably most of us actually.

I don’t think the person I unfriended has noticed. If they have they don’t care because they haven’t reached out to swear at me and call me names for it.

I’m sure that this person and their friends are having a hay day at my expense. They posted an opinion I took offense to and questioned them on it. They and a friend decided to “school” me on why I’m wrong and they are right. That’s when the unfriending happened. I assume my comments disappeared and they are laughing at how weak or whatever I am. I had just decided I wasn’t going to get into a pissing match with a bunch of young kids who still have some growing up and maturing to do.

That could just be my anxiety too. I don’t know why I felt I needed to write this out. Maybe it just feels good to get it off my chest, maybe someone out there can relate, I don’t know. But, thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

Thanks for hanging out!



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My apologies

I feel the need to apologize to you all. I have not been active in quite some time.

We don’t have regular Sunday dinners anymore now that my in-laws have moved away, so I’m not baking any new (to me) desserts to talk about.

To be honest, I’m not sure what direction this blog will end up going. I dabble in photography a bit, I’m occasionally inspired to write a new poem, and I have a bright pink flamingo named Melvix that I take on our mundane daily adventures and document on my Facebook page.

I’ve considered turning my blog into one all about Melvix and our mundane adventures, complete with pictures. To be honest, it’s kind of hilarious when I unclip him from my purse and get questioning stares from strangers.

Melvix the Flamingo can be found here, on my personal Facebook page if you’re interested.

As always, thanks for being here with me!



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Normally for breakfast I make myself a protein smoothie, today I wanted something different. 

Today I made myself an egg white omelet. I stuffed it with mozzarella cheese, baby spinach, and diced tomatoes. Then I made a piece of toast with a little bit of butter.

I’m not one to normally cook myself breakfast. I cook my daughter’s breakfast and make sure my son’s smoothie is ready for him everyday.

This was so quick and easy to whip up! Not sure why I don’t do it more often!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy eating!



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Dessert of the Week 18: Cranberry Gingersnap Pie


So, this year for Thanksgiving, I felt compelled to try a new dessert. After searching Pinterest, I found this beauty. Cranberry Gingersnap Pie

This was a labor of love. It takes time to make, but it is well worth the effort! I almost followed the directions to a daughter left out some details in the crust making section but that’s okay. I likely would have needed a large food processor to do it properly and I only have a tiny food processor. It still worked.

This pie has such a beautiful color, but a tart flavor. It pairs well with the gingersnap crust though! Overall it was a hit with everyone who tried it. Yes, all three of us lol! My sister’s pumpkin pie bars were more popular though, especially with the kids, and those with an aversion to cranberries in general.

I would absolutely make this again and I would love to make different flavored curd recipes to try with this crust.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy eating!