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Dessert of The Week 6: Fresh Fruit and Cream Cheese Dips

So, as you probably noticed, I didn’t do a dessert post last week. That’s because I didn’t make one. We didn’t have a family dinner last week, therefore no dessert. I have a bunch of leftover cupcakes in my freezer. I figured if my family wanted dessert, they could eat a frozen cupcake!

Fast forward to today. There was a family cookout. It’s always a pot luck style so we chose to bring fresh fruit. Kiwi, mandarin orange, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, and grapes. I made dips to go with them. 

I saw many recipes on Pinterest, but eventually decided to just make my own concoction. I figured yogurt and cream cheese would work well together.

For the Toasted Coconut Vanilla I used:         8 oz Cream Cheese/ One 5.3 oz container of Toasted Coconut Vanilla Oikos Yogurt/ 1 tsp Clear Vanilla Extract/ 1 tsp powdered sugar. I whipped them all together in my stand mixer with the whip attachment.
For the Lemon Cream Cheese Dip I used:      8oz Cream Cheese/ One 5.3 oz Lemon Meringue Oikos Yogurt/ 3 Tbsp Powdered Sugar/ 3 Tbsp Lemon Juice. Again, I whipped it up in my stand mixer.

Now, remember two weeks ago when I made the Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes? Remember how I had frosting left over? I re whipped it in my stand mixer and took it as a dip too! 

Now. I suck and I completely forgot to take a picture of the two pans of fruit with my three containers of dips. I apologize. These were so quick and easy to whip together. Well, the lemon wasn’t. It took a while to get the lemon juice and powdered sugar amounts just right so cream cheese wasn’t the only thing we could taste. You’re welcome. 😊

So, go get some fresh fruit and whip you up a yummy cream cheese dip! Happy eating!



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I think my run tried to kill me!

I have an absolute love hate relationship with running. I hate it with a passion while I’m actually doing the running, but I love that sense of accomplishment when I’m done. Like, “Yes, I just did that!”. 

I haven’t actually run on a regular basis since last Fall. My running partner moved. Excuses, I know. I have run a handful of times since then. I always feel fine when I run. The occasional side ache, heavy breathing, constantly looking at my watch only to see I hadn’t gone as far as I thought…the usual. Today was different.

I started out okay today. My goal was 3.2 miles, something I’d done many times before. I was expectedly breathless by Mile 1, little bit of ache in the knees. As I got closer to Mile 2, I noticed a slight ache in my right collar bone and I adjusted my form. 

It was at Mile 2.66 (yes I looked at my watch) that something didn’t feel quite right. I started to get a dull ache in the base of my skull, and I felt the heat rising in my neck. I noted it but ignored it and pushed on. After all, I had set a goal for myself! 

With each passing step it got a little bit more intense. My arms and my head were starting to feel numb and tingly. I felt like a stress relief doll, like my arms and head were going to pop off. I kept pushing. Finally when I hit that 3 Mile mark, I stopped. I put my hands on my knees and bent over ever so slightly to try and catch my breath. Bad move. The pain was intense and now all of a sudden the backs of my eyes felt very hot.

I have never experienced this during or after a run, even as a newbie. Honestly it scared me. I decided to just continue home at a nice leisurely walking pace. So leisurely that it took me longer to walk the remaining mile and a half home than it did to run the 3 miles. 

I made sure to let my husband know what had happened. He feels like maybe I’m dehydrated. I still have a headache and it’s been over an hour. I guess I will push fluids the rest of the day and not push my body too hard next time.

Has this happened to you? If so, did you call your doctor or just rest afterwards? Thanks for reading!



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Dessert of the Week 5: Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Happy Sunday! This week’s dessert is an adaptation of a recipe that popped up on my Facebook feed. A strawberry lemonade layer cake. I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to make cupcakes instead. 

After watching the video and reading the recipe, I was convinced. Honestly, who has three springform pans of the same size laying around? I sure as heck don’t! And cupcake liners are a whole lot cheaper than buying three pans!

To make this, prep is key here people! Get all of your ingredients measured out where you need them so you aren’t having to keep stopping. The only ingredient I really swapped was the milk. I never buy whole milk. Ever. So I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Sure I could have used the 1% milk that we also buy but I didn’t.

To make the cupcakes I put 1 Tbsp of batter in the bottom of the liners and then placed a whole strawberry in the center. Depending on the size of the strawberry, I put about 1/4 Cup of batter over the top, to envelope the strawberry. They were baked at 350 degrees for 17 minutes. I had enough batter to make 29 cupcakes.

The frosting was a 16oz carton of heavy whipping cream and 1/2 Cup of strawberry jam. Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks, add jam and whip until stiff. I only used half of what it made. It’s okay. I have plans for the leftover frosting.

Absolutely delicious! I may have to tweak it though since the berry fell all the way to the bottom of the liner, leaving no cupcakey goodness underneath it. It was still good though! I’m looking forward to trying this with other fruits too. I suppose you could make any number of flavor combinations as long as you can buy or make a jam in the flavor you’re craving!

Original recipe can be found here: Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Happy eating!



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Feta Stuffed Meatball Bowl

One of the new recipes we tried last week was a feta stuffed meatball bowl. Kind of. We were missing a pretty important part of the meal. Zucchini noodles.

I don’t own a spiralizer. I don’t own a food processor either. I know. I blog about food and don’t have some basic foodie tools. In my defense, one of our local grocery stores is supposed to carry freshly spiralized veggies and we could not find them. We went to three of their locations. Oh well. 

As for the meal itself, it was fine the way it was but could be tweaked. My kids weren’t fans of the chickpeas. It’s a texture thing. Two cans is too much for us, we could have gotten by with one. I swapped out the grape tomatoes for sugar snap peas. 

The meatballs had great flavor, however, feta cheese does not melt so keep that in mind. If you like your cheese to melt, swap out your cheese. A pound and a half of ground meat makes 9 meatballs. I’d love to try it with ground turkey and mozzarella cheese. 

All in all, this was a delicious, filling meal and I would make it again. But not until I get a spiralizer to make my own zucchini noodles. If you try it, let me know what you thought!

Feta Stuffed Meatball Bowl
Happy eating!




Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Burger

No new recipes on our menu this week, however we had two on last weeks. Today I am going to focus on this one. Bacon wrapped pineapple burger. Sounds good huh?!

This actually got mixed reviews from everyone. My son didn’t like the pineapple, my daughter felt like there wasn’t enough pineapple, my husband and I agreed that while the flavor was great, it was too much meat. Yes. Too much meat. Crazy I know! And we didn’t even use buns!

Two pounds of meat, four burgers. Just like the recipe said. They get baked in the oven, not grilled, mostly because you mix bbq sauce right into the ground meat. We served sweet potato fries on the side, yum!

Now, here’s how I would do it different next time. I would probably swap out the ground beef for ground turkey, although I bet you could use any ground meat of your choosing. I would also use my burger press to make thinner patties. Heck I might even leave the bbq sauce on the side so we could grill them, and just baste them with the sauce!

We were able to find cored pinapple at one of our local supermarkets so we didn’t have to buy canned pineapple rings. 

Oh, and one more option we kicked around? Meatloaf!!! If we ever tackle that one I’ll be sure to let you all know!

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Burger

Happy Eating!




Dessert of The Week 4: Boston Cream Two Ways

This week’s dessert was new for me. It was just us this week for Sunday dinner and I had giant aspirations for our dessert this week.

My husband requested a Boston Cream Pie poke cake. I’ve made it before, easy peasy. Right? No. I decided to give myself huge goals this week. We had already bought what we needed so I knew I was using them.

I went to bed last night, okay this morning, with the idea in my mind to make not only the poke cake, but cupcakes too. No big deal, those recipes can be found all over Pinterest. 

Then I decided to try to make Boston Cream mini donuts. Seriously. I’m nuts. I made the cake mix according to direction and filled my mini donut pan. 350 degrees, I think I baked for 15 minutes. Probably could have shaved a minute or two off.

Then I filled a cupcake pan with what I had left. Then I realized there was no way in heck that I was getting even a small cake out of what was left. I got four more cupcakes out of it. While those were in the oven (350 degrees, 18 minutes), I used a chopstick to poke holes in my donuts. I made up one box of pudding mix (never even had to open the second box) and used a spoon to coat them.

After the cupcakes cooled and the rest of the pudding set, I used a paring knife to cut a well into them. I spooned some pudding into each one and put the tops back on and proceeded to frost them.

Are the pretty? Oh geez no! Are they delicious? Abso-freaking-lutely! The leftover cupcakes are currently in the freezer and the donuts are in the fridge. I know right, how the heck are there leftovers!? And yes, the frosting that I didn’t use did get eaten by my daughter. Right out of the baggie I used to pipe the frosting. And my husband ate the leftover pudding for breakfast. It’s the little things.

No links this week to click on, just yummy pictures to look at! Thanks for hanging out with me, see you next time!




Dessert of the Week 3: Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cake

So this week I just wasn’t sure about what I wanted to make for dessert. Since it wasn’t going to be super warm today and I already had what I needed in the cabinet, it seemed logical to make a fall inspired treat.

This two ingredient pumpkin cake has become a favorite.

Yes. Two ingredients. Five if you count the smidge of frosting I used. I normally just make this into a cake. Today I changed it up and made cupcakes. Or muffins. However you want to look at it. 

350 degrees for 19 minutes, you’ll get 18.

For the frosting I used 4 Tbsp of cream cheese frosting, melted it (accidentally- 20 seconds is too long by the way), and added a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Once I stirred it all together I let it firm up a bit and used a small dollop on each cupcake while they were still warm. Yum!

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cake
We finished our day by scoping out a place to camp in the future (yeah we do that now. Bonding and stuff), came home and cooked hot dogs and Smores over an open fire in our backyard. Perfect end to a great day. But now I need a shower because camp fire smoke. Ew.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!